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We cook in your home
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Enjoy an unforgettable experience in Pointe Milou!

Take a chef to make your home one of the best restaurants in the city. Let us make this unique moment a memorable one. The main distinction is that the entire atmosphere is centered on you and your friends.

Our Private Chef in Pointe Milou
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Local Private Chefs at your disposal

Have you ever had the chance to carry the Michelin Star Cuisine to the privacy of your own home? That's what the Chef takes to you. We're going to put the best chef in the world to the comfort of your home. You're going to tailor the menu every way you see fit to render this moment memorable!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Enjoy the luxury of a Private Chef

Choose the sort of food, choose the dates and enjoy the trip! You're only a few taps away from the greatest food experience! To get going, press the button above.

A Private Chef experience in Pointe Milou

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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