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Lover of food since 1996 with great enthusiasm, responsibility, elegance and a lot of joy, I have been harmonizing food and drinks in the best way.

I am a professional chef with 24 years of experience in hospitality and the culinary world. I studied at the school in Cambridge USA 2002, SEBRAE Brazil 2010 and virtual school London 2019 CERTIFICATE N° 8MBH-FJB4-Y4AB-05JV ( to verify call:01943605976). I joined Cheesecake Factory Boston, Red sauce at Quincy, best Magal, Fireaway Pizza, Honkan Japanese and chef Charles Miami and a voluntary educator at Kids Detention 1 time a week in Brazil. I decided to learn international cuisine and settled in London from 2017. I won the small chain delivery award in 2019 ( Papa Industry Award). Currently, I am an Inspector Head training Chef Fireaway pizza UK and we have our own Take away business in Croydon.

More than 200 recipes:

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