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Chef Rudy Jermaine Levi Perry

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"A two time Brighton UK award winning Urban Soul food chef with a comfortable 15 years worth of knowledge and experience in the culinary game"

"A two-time Brighton UK award-winning Urban Soul food chef with a comfortable 15 years’ worth of knowledge and experience in the culinary game."

Hey folks!

Above: British Ibiza resident, self-taught and business-minded entrepreneur chef Rudy Jermaine Levi Perry, the founder and creator of RudeFood.

Starting at the age of 16 in Davenport House, a large, private stately home located in the beautiful county of Shropshire, he catered for weddings and other numerous private events producing bespoke banquets for the clients.

At 18, Rudy began the adventure within the ranks of the culinary world, starting at PEEPO, an independent Italian restaurant, working under Phill Jeffrey and alongside chef Emma Tyler creating menus from solely fresh ingredients which were well received by customers.

He was promoted to head chef at the age of 21.

Afterwards, the move into classic cooking was the next phase, and he felt it wise to start as a kitchen porter in a French bistro and working his way up to chef de partie over three years producing à la carte menus alongside chef Dave Blackhurst.

Rude was then given the golden ticket to London and the opportunity to work in a high-end restaurant/club, China Whites, alongside chef Adam Penney and being introduced to a new level and style of high-end gastronomic cuisine.

Accomplishing a year and a half in London before moving to the South Coast city of Brighton, where Rudes began to home in on his passion for cooking with fish, shellfish and vegetarian food.

He was soon employed at the renowned Riddle and Finns, a restaurant dedicated to serving the finest local fresh fish on the market to a very high standard and being introduced to sashimi and a range of Japanese style cuisines. Over a period of 3 years, he worked from commis up to a sous chef level.

During this time at Riddle and Finns, Rudy was part of the team that once cooked for Gordon Ramsay! His positive remarks, "Seafood as it should be".

Then headhunted by an independent businessman, Brad Jacobsen (the founder of Small Batch Coffee), who wanted to create a new and exciting form of a fresh shellfish restaurant with co-owner Nick Jerrim, the founder and creator of the Larrikin Ale, serving unique and cutting edge craft beer alongside its menu. He was then offered the position of sous chef working alongside Head Chef Samantha Hutchins.

Rudy later took on the role of head chef once Chef Sammy returned to London to carry on doing what she does best, cook!

The Urchin was where the two awards were achieved. The team reached ‘Top 20 Restaurants' in Brighton and Hove out of over 1000 establishments presented by the ‘Brighton Best Awards', and then the following year became Number 1 Food/Bar for dining, voted by the public and presented by the ‘Bravo' awards. Also, a dish Rude put on the menu at the beginning of the opening of The Urchin is still going strong. "Hands down our most popular prawn dish over the years, drawing a swoon from English journalist celebrity food critic Jay Rayner when he visited recently."

Chef has also been dedicated a slot in a book of recipes: Brighton's Best.

In 2018, Rudy relocated to the island of Ibiza where he began catering for private clients and RUDEFOOD was born!

His food is conscious, nutritious, rustic and authentic, with heavy doses of gastrophysics thrown in.

Rude manages to capture and create a unique and special vibe wherever his culinary soul takes him. As one client said:-

"Your food is almost as incredible as your energy."

The aim and goal is to share vibrant, mindful, organic, healthy and tasty dishes that he creates and discovers as a private chef around the world.

As a two-time Brighton UK award-winning Urban Soul food chef, there is a comfortable 15 years’ worth of knowledge and experience as a culinary cosmonaut firmly fastened to the chef’s belt.

Recently working alongside MasterChef UK finalist and Michelin trained celebrity chef Yann Florio.

Rudy clearly 'Lives the Life He Loves, and Loves the Life He Lives'.

The RudeFood ethos "Act Local Think Global"

Rudy is your private chef whenever, wherever and however you please…

Get in touch for your free consultation and follow him on social media platforms @RudeFood

Make sure to stay tuned for the launch of The RudeFood YouTube channel.

Thank you for your interest in the Food of Rude.

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