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food lover! I truly believe that "we are what we eat".

My name is Rachele Terrinoni, I am originally from Rome and moved in London about 5 years ago. I have been passionate about food and cooking since I was very young, coming from a country with 20 different region cuisines, amazing fresh food and huge variety of recipes, I developed a fine taste and large experience about combination, nutritional values, also studying ayurvedic and medical properties of food.

Back In Rome, I worked for 4 years as private events cook both for events and bars (such as Barabook, Associazione Culturale ReadyMade). Here in London, I have been living with a family since I moved as private chef and cooking as well as private events.

I am now looking for new clients and occasion to gain new skills.

Constantly looking for innovative way to serve food and prepare it. Not only do I relate on my Italian cuisine knowledge but I also love Asian, Mediterranean and South American styles.

I am able to satisfy different kind of needing, such as vegan, vegetarian, meat-based diet and also specific allergy requirements. In addition, I am able to prepare delicious meal on losing-diet-program, keeping calories down without giving up taste.

As a cook, I can prepare all different type of courses, from starters to “primi piatti”, “secondi piatti” (meat and seafood based) and sides. I am also very talented in preparing desserts, custards and homemade pizza (different Italian style recipes).

When according a menu, I can keep in mind the budget that works best for any kind of client.

Hope my profile may interest you

Kind regards

Rachele Terrinoni

“We are what we eat”

Ludwig Feuerbach

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