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I love to cook from fancy to comfort, from bold flavours to soul food

Hi!! I am Patricia, I am a professional chef, originally from Argentina with Spanish and Italian roots. I have traveled around the world looking for new cultures, tastes, dishes and new ways of cooking. I have experienced first hand the ways of Asian Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese cuisine; also, Indian, French, Peruvian and American.

I have lived and worked in Argentina where I sank myself into the best ways of breading and cooking meat. I was Head Chef in Australia at Bitton Gourmet (awarded french restaurant) and Head Chef at London's Savoy hotel. I have worked as a private chef for famous people, successful company directors and owners; and I have planned and successfully executed parties for them from 15 to 150 people taking care of all the details in order for the event to be performed perfectly.

What I offer is an international experience full of flavor and stories, high-end cuisine with all the seasonal flavors and produce brought to its best form. I think in my personal experience that the food needs to take you somewhere else, it should be there in the moment, should be comfort, warmth and unforgettable.

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