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Dedicated Chef, but mostly FOOD LOVER.

I grew up in a vegetable garden in a huge city, that might have affected a bit on the outcome.

We had from grapes to cherry tomatoes, oranges, lemons, tangerines, peas, courgettes, a huge Mulberry tree, basically anything you could think of, plus hens and bees.

I always had this natural connection to the soil, plants and their gifts. A bit of awareness let's say.

From there, I started to cultivate my passion and interest about cooking techniques and ways of manipulating products. I always looked out to learn to use clean approaches without denaturing the product too much.

Growing up, this passion quickly became my dream job, and in 2009 I decided to get a Diploma in Culinary Arts in Rome, my hometown.

The 5 years of specialization were combined with internships and job offers. I was lucky enough to work in Rome's most luxurious Hotels (St Regis, Boscolo Exedra, Majestic) and job offers, like seasonal jobs in Italy. Thanks to my hunger to learn and discover I was pretty good in my courses and was allowed to participate and help in the more important banqueting events my school organized for the capital of Rome (Ministry of education, awards, movie premier).

All these quality experiences helped me understand that fine dining was my vocation.

The attention to details and precision that fine dining cuisine requires, is not only aimed at the result but as well to all the process of manipulating your resources. This enchanted me.

I made it my mission to be able, when cooking, to see surprise and satisfaction in people's eyes.

For me, it's all about that.

Ludovica Maria Palmulli

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