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I am extremely passionate about food and flavours, always striving for perfection

I trained almost 20 years ago at Michelin starred Lucknam Park Hotel, located on the beautiful outskirts of Bath. For 12 years I worked in reputable establishments across Bath, London, Brighton and Melbourne. I also did a fair bit of travelling around India, Thailand and Australia, broadening my culinary experience. I have a huge passion for music and DJing, which motivates and inspires my work.

My obsession with cooking, travel and music came together in 2008 when I joined the catering team on a series of major music tours. For six years I worked around the world, delivering high-quality menus to musicians, VIPs and their staff.

Now working exclusively in Bath, Wiltshire and Somerset, I focus on personal chef hire, putting all that experience into hen party’s and private catering events you won’t find anywhere else.

My services

As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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