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Chef Gio Renzo Fioraso

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Chef Gio  Renzo Fioraso

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My love of food began at an early age, as I helped my grandmother in the kitchen of her restaurant.

Born and raised in Vicenza, in the north of Italy, Gio Renzo Fioraso developed his passion for gourmet cooking when he was a child. Almost for fun, he started to help his grandmother in the family restaurant, Trattoria Veneta.

Granny Miretta taught him the basics of traditional Italian cuisine, passing down recipes and tricks of the trade that have been handed down from generation to generation.

As the years went by, this early interest and childhood curiosity turned into a real passion, that passion that Granny Miretta considered to be the secret ingredient to make a dish unique. When Gio turned 18 he decided to move to London. To pursue his dreams he was prepared to work as a kitchen porter; he then climbed the ladder and became a chef, working in several well-known Italian restaurants such as La Collina in Primrose Hill, Il Vizio and many others.

During those years his interest in gastronomy grew and he developed the concept that cooking is a never-ending experience. From the culinary art we can learn how to improve not just our dishes, but ourselves too.

To perfect his techniques he attended the Cordon Bleu cookery course in London, as well as the Professional Cookery course at the University of Taste in Vicenza.

Chef Fioraso not only works with restaurants, cookery magazines and wine and food events; he also offers his services to private clients, bringing his signature dish - fresh pasta - from door to door.

Gio Renzo is based in London, where he lives and works; however he will often hop on a plane to cook for his regular clients in Madrid, Milan and Paris.

Chef Fioraso stands out because he is flexible and adapts easily to different working settings, including flats, private yachts, exclusive restaurants and cookery shows. Gio Renzo takes great pride in his every creation; he expresses his culinary art by creating an explosion of flavours and colours, using only the freshest ingredients and a variety of spices.

His inspiration comes from Carlo Pietrini and his slow food concept. In his own words: "I express my cuisine in an artistic way.

I believe that every dish is a reflection of our soul and of the emotions we want to express. Each culinary creation needs to be prepared using local ingredients, enhancing their nutritional value and freshness; every dish should be balanced so that it is in harmony with the world surrounding it".

He carries on: "For me it is not just about the food or the recipes; each dish contains a piece of me, which I am presenting to my clients".

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