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A professional, hard working, reliable, honest chef, capable of organising intimate dinners in you home, weddings, parties & events

I have over 35 years experience in catering. I absolutely love it. I offer good honest advice and am confident that I am able to cook anything required. All menus and events are bespoke and at your service. All ingredients are purchased on your behalf and any travel, labour is added. I am also available for consultation work, wedding planning and work only with other professional chefs and career people within the catering trade. I am fully compliant with HACCP, COSHH and am also qualified to teach adults if necessary. My guilty pleasure is coffee, I am mad on it. I will always be pleased to quote for any job, big or small.

I also sell high end Microwave meals for clients with busy lifestyles. It also works well for senior members of the public as well, who may be vulnerable or can't get to the shops for one reason or another. The meals are much higher quality than the supermarkets and have a higher meat content and include vegetables. I am happy to rotate customers freezers upon delivery



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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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