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Daniel Salvador is a Barcelona-born chef.

He started his cooking career working for several high profile Catalan cooks after studying a prestigious hospitality degree at ‘Escola Universitaria d’Hosteleria i Turisme’ in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona).

After 11 years of working for the best kitchens in Spain he decided to become established as a cook in London. As well as a chef in public and private events, he is also a culinary educator and a food designer.

Daniel is also a trained nutritional consultant (Stonebridge College) and a member of the Royal Horticultural Society. He grows his own produce so his home-grown vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers are often ingredients in Daniel’s dishes.

His service range spans from private events and dinners at people’s homes to culinary workshops, a supper club or his popular ‘home paella service’. He also enjoys trying new ideas and menu designs with his clients.

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