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Chef & owner at Young and talented with a flair for creatively personalised and themed menus, bold flavours and modern presentation

Initially graduating with Honours in engineering and training as a surveyor in a highly technical field, I found my true passion in the expressive and creative world of the culinary arts.

I have been fortunate to develop my skills working across many European cities, top resorts, and private villas, all culminating in a prestigious position working for UHNW clients before returning home to establish my own premium catering business.

My cooking philosophy follows three main principals;

1) That the taste of the dish is always placed fat the forefront, with flairs and novelties only supporting a dish, not being the purpose of it.

2) That the flavours and ingredients are always familiar to guests but the final dish is unmistakably unique and never ordinary.

3) And that in a professional setting, that the guests are convinced they could not have had the same experience anywhere else- a triumph for the expression of an original artist.

Living as a private chef- providing truly bespoke dining experiences - allows me to be totally fluid and original with each and every service, and present them with the theatre that comes from putting my heart, and not only food, onto the plate.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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